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Optimize Your Account Receivables With Us

Are you struggling to manage your account receivables? Does your business suffer due to billing disputes with your customers and non-recovery of overdue? Are you looking to set up an optimal system for revenue collection and electronic bill generation? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, get concrete accounts receivable services from EasMyBiz! 

What are

Account Receivables ?

The money that you are liable to receive after providing services or goods to your clients or customers is called as account receivables. In simple words, it is the money that is pending to be cleared by your clients or customers for the products or services that you have provided. 

Usually, companies provide a certain period to their customers/clients to clear the pending payment. A standard period of 30 days is usually provided by most companies. Till the payment is cleared, the sold products/services are recorded as account receivables on the balance sheet. 

The account receivables are removed from the balance sheet and recorded as cash once the customer pays the amount. Businesses must analyze the account receivables to calculate their future revenue and maintain a healthy cash flow.

How do

We help you ?

EasMyBiz, our accounts receivable company, offers a wide range of AR (Account Receivables) services. Our accounts receivable services help you collect payments faster and maintain a steady working capital! We assist you by offering the following AR services:

  • Adding and maintaining all the receivable transactions properly in the accounting system 
  • Resolving short-pay conflicts 
  • Maintaining ledgers related to subsidiary receivables 
  • Creating periodic statements and delivering them to you
  • Preparing bills and managing account receivable deductions
  • Issuance of refund checks and credit memos approved by your clients/customers
  • Creating detailed AR reports 
  • Recording payments and managing adjustments in the billing process as requested by your customers/clients

Minimize inconsistencies & optimize cash flow with our AR Services


Optimized Cash Flow 

EasByMiz optimizes your cash flow by automating invoice procedures and sending timely payment reminders to your customers. It reduces the overdue and optimizes your business cash flow! 


Minimum Administration Costs

By reducing the load of account receivables, we help your staff to focus on other core business aspects. It minimizes your administration costs by preventing follow-up calls and emails. 


Monitoring Customer Behavior 

Our reliable AR services help you to monitor customer behavior with respect to payment trends and patterns. It helps you to enhance your customer relationships and provide customized services/products as per their spending patterns. 


End-to-End AR Services 

EasByMiz is an accounts receivable company that offers end-to-end account receivables services to its clients. Our bookkeeping services include sales order processing, reconciliations of invoices with payments, credit memo processing, recovery suites handling, and more. We offer customized services as per the requirements of our clients. 


use accounts receivable service ?

Most companies think that they use a modern process to handle their accounting work. However, in reality, only 7% of them use a completely digital process for invoices and payments. Many companies still rely on manual entries and invoice generation methods.

It not only increases the chances of manual errors but also makes the invoicing process less competent. As a result, the companies lose the revenue they are expected to receive on time and it hampers their business growth!

    Account Receivables

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a business owner, you may have questions about Account Receivables and how they can benefit your company. Here, we explore some faqs about Account Receivables and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions for your business.

    What skills are required to manage accounts receivable?

    A strong background in math, computer, and typing is required for anyone who aspires to handle account receivables services. They must also have knowledge of the bookkeeping software used by the company along with problem-solving, time-management, efficiency, and other skills. 

    What are the key goals of accounts receivable management software

    Account receivable management software helps companies to manage their customer relationships while reducing processing costs and pending invoices on a consistent basis. It helps companies by including a separate folder for every customer wherein they can store the invoices, active invoices, and contracts. 

    When does the accounts receivable decrease?

    Inefficient payment collection policies and issues with the customers while collecting receivables are the main issues that decrease the account receivables. Our extensive accounts receivable services help you to manage your invoicing and payment collection processes. We provide AR-optimal solutions as per your business requirements which help to increase your cash flow and bookkeeping efficiency. 

    What our

    Clients have to say

    EasMyBiz is our trusted partner when it comes to handling our accounting and administrative work. Their virtual assistants are extremely efficient and deliver flawless work on time. Really happy to have them as an extension of my team!

    Rahul Kelkar

    Chief Financial Officer, AFG Manufacturing Private LTD.

    I had my doubts before subscribing to EasMyBiz’s virtual assistant services. However, as I started delegating the tasks, I was astounded by the sheer efficiency and professionalism of their VAs. They reduce the burden of our administration by supporting our research work, bill management, and marketing strategies.

    Revati Banhatti

    Owner, Suhasini Food Products LTD.


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