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Frequently Asked

How can I make the payment to get subscribe?

We accept payments via debit and credit cards. You can enter the card details during sign up.

How can I ensure the safety of my data with EasMyBiz?

At EasMyBiz, we have a highly secure data center keeping all of your data safe and protected. Our Agents can’t see any of the passwords you have provided in our portal.

What all languages does EasMyBiz support?

Our agents can only handle requests submitted in English.

What is the Refund Policy?

Once membership fees have been processed, we are unable to grant refunds. If you plan on discontinuing membership, please make sure you do so before the start of your next billing cycle.

How do I communicate with my Assistant?

You can connect with your Assistant through email from your registered email ID or other online instant messaging services such as MS Teams or Skype. Our goal is to have a clear and concise description of your task. You can further provide us helping resources like database and guidance on how to process that particular task. We will always strive hard and do our best to complete your task in the most desired manner.

Does my unused Virtual Assistant Work Hours ever expire?

Yes! Unused hours will expire after 30 days of non-usage.

Is there any commitment or contract for a minimum period?

No, you can discontinue services at any point of time.

Is there any hidden charges in hiring your virtual assistants?

No, absolutely not. Our services will cover the employee’s salary, benefits, vacation time, bonuses, office space and equipment.

Is there an initiation or start-up fee?

No. There is no fee to join. You pay a hourly basis fee.

Do I always get the same person to work with?

Yes, you are assigned a dedicated assistant who will be the only person that you communicate with, and hand all your tasks.

So in effect I am hiring more people than I am paying for?

Yes, in effect, you are not just hiring one stand-alone assistant. Instead, you are hiring a whole team, including people with other skills and experience, at no additional charge.

How can the web apps be SEO optimized?

The content that is uploaded on your web pages plays a huge role in search engine optimization. Yet, you cannot ignore the technical aspects like title tags, alt tags for images, etc. when it comes to getting the web apps optimized.

A web development company like EasMyBiz assists your SEO efforts by making your website faster and functional. Our experts assign proper titles and use Meta tags and a secure SSL certificate to optimize your website.

Which things should I consider before collaborating with a web development company?

Consider these things before collaborating with a web development company:

  • Gather all the documents explaining your services and projects. These will help the website development company to generate ideas for website development.
  • Choose the right tech stack for your website because it is essential to use the right web technologies that work for your business. Web development companies are experienced in handling diverse frameworks and languages. Yet, you must be familiar with some of them before initiating the communication.
  • The budget will vary according to the technologies and scale and size of your website. Get a clear idea of how much budget you can spare for the web-based solutions before delegating with the website development services company.
How much time is required to complete a web development project?

The time required to complete a web development project depends on the project type and complexity. Usually, a couple of weeks goes into planning and organizing the resources and another week or two is needed for graphic designing.

Coding, development, maintenance, testing, and promotions take time and therefore, it can easily need 2 to 3 months to complete a regular web development project.

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What are the costs involved in developing a mobile app?

Though most of you might think that mobile app development is an expensive affair, it may not hold much truth. The complexity and time required to build an app determines its cost. Connect with our mobile app developers today to know more about the mobile app development rates!

How can I select a mobile app development platform?

Before availing the mobile app development services, get answers to these questions from your team and the mobile app development company you are collaborating with:

  • Who are the target users of your app?
  • How much will the mobile app cost?
  • Why are the users supposed to use the app?
  • Which security features do you want to implement in the app?

Determine the mobile app development platform on the basis of the answers of these questions. Also, ensure that the mobile app development platform integrates well with other platforms as well. Determine the mobile app development platform on the basis of the answers of these questions. Also, ensure that the mobile app development platform integrates well with other platforms as well. 

Which solutions are offered by EasMyBiz when it comes to mobile app development services?

Our mobile app development services include:

  • App development for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms
  • Mobile app porting services
  • UX/UI services
  • Embedded AOSP & Android Customizations
  • Ongoing app support and maintenance services
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Progressive web app development

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